Flight Operations

Without consistent access to the freshest, most complete information possible, flight operations personnel suffer from efficiency problems, and your entire operation is subject to regulatory hassles.

Fuctional Solutions
Aviation Aplications
Dynamic Publishing Engine

TechPubs Flight operations solutions include:

Includes full-featured authoring and publishing functionality, together with document types and OEM/airline revision processes, to support airline flight operations. High-quality document conversion services, solution consulting, and ongoing maintenance complete the solution.

The compliance solution with authoring and publishing functionality, together with document types, checklists, and more to support compliance reporting (ATOS, IOSA, DoD). It includes compliance consulting services.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB):
A specialized viewer that builds on the dynamic publishing capabilities of FlightPubs, TechPubs’ EFB solution can be implemented on your existing cockpit hardware. Content can include Flight Operations Manuals, Charts, E-Logs, Weather, Flight Planning, and more.