Aviation Applications

The TechPubs modular Application set, built on PTC’s Arbortext dynamic publishing engine, is a proprietary set of aviation-aware software modules tuned to the specific needs of airline personnel. They’re part of every TechPubs functional solution.

Fuctional Solutions
Aviation Aplications
Dynamic Publishing Engine

provides a single user-friendly interface for technical writers to perform all tasks, from authoring to content management and publishing, without switching between multiple software applications.

provides style sheets for single source publishing,book assembly including advanced hyperlinking, web publishing, and advanced tools for distribution and reporting.

provides a powerful content repository for storing and organizing XML and non-XML content in accordance with the fleet-manual-revision-format hierarchy. It provides workflow to support OEM/airline revision cycles.

For all viewing capabilities for all document types in all formats, including ground, EFB, portal, etc. It can be configured to support EFB with touch-screen and EFB-specific functionality. -TechPortal: Provides a single access point for the airline's technical library, including technical manuals, updates, bulletins, historical versions, etc. A user-friendly interface allows users to search, navigate and view technical content with TechView