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TechPubs White Paper Explores Regulatory Risks in Flight Operations Document Management

New Technologies, Approaches Promise Relief from Mounting Regulatory Pressures, Operations Challenges

Boulder, CO, September 20, 2008 - TechPubs, an emerging leader in technical document management for the global aviation marketplace, today released a new white paper that examines the regulatory issues facing flight operations professionals, and how emerging solutions in technical document management promise to help mitigate them.

Available now at, the paper, entitled “Technical Documentation Management, Aviation Safety, and Regulatory Compliance: Strategic Pressures, New Solutions,” offers an overview of common approaches to technical document management – a task at the center of regulatory oversight and compliance – and how these approaches too often fall short for flight operations regulatory requirements. As better technology and expert services combine to meet these needs at an industry level, however, new alternatives are emerging. Powerful next generation solutions promise to empower flight operations to tackle regulatory issues and enhance operational efficiency in new ways.

“It’s interesting to technical documentation management become so critical in the new, more stringent regulatory environment,” remarked David Williams, TechPubs’ President and CEO. “Without top quality document management solutions that enable the easy creation and rapid dissemination of the right documents throughout an airline enterprise – and reliable reporting that portrays adherence to well-documented processes for regulators – airlines assume huge risk. At the extreme, they’re exposed to intermittent shutdown by regulators, and at the least, they’re wasting time, effort, and money on every flight. Our new white paper provides a solid understanding of those risks, along with a blueprint for improving flight operations.”

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TechPubs, a PTC Global Airline Industry Platinum Partner, is an emerging leader in aviation technical documentation management (TDM) – a critical contributor to safety regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. TDM requires a unique combination of powerful technology and industry expertise – great software and related services to ensure the right solution for the specific challenges each airline faces in running streamlined, compliant operations. See for more information.