Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Transforming your existing document management

Getting started: creating a technical publication strategy

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Our airline has been challenged by regulatory authority to show compliance under multiple rules, and we’re not confident our pubs are up to date. Can TechPubs help?

TechPubs consultants will work with your regulators and your staff to identify the compliance paragraphs in your manuals. FlightComply will build compliance tables and process manuals. Our consultants and FlightComply will periodically review and align pubs and regulatory changes to ensure continued compliance can be demonstrated easily in the future.

Our airline is faced with a regulatory deadline to make our publications ATOS-compliant. Our publications are traditional paper manuals written by many different internal divisions. What can we do?

TechPubs rejects the traditional methods of determining ATOS compliance: month of grueling meetings among managers, reading and highlighting paragraphs in numerous manuals. We can digitally convert and map your manual set to prove current compliance, although this solution is sub-optimal, as it makes future compliance verifications expensive. The optimal solution is FlightComply, which permanently converts all your manuals to common, reusable data, which is updated as publications evolve, and can be demonstrated to be compliant at any future moment, almost instantly.

How can we attain IOSA certification so that we can compete effectively on international routes?

TechPubs consultants include IOSA-certified air carrier auditors intimately familiar with the IOSA protocols. We’ll work closely with your team to design a complete air carrier certification program, resulting in IATA approval.

Transforming your existing document management

We’re expanding our fleet to include a new aircraft type, and need to apply for certification for new capabilities.

TechPubs will help integrate the new capabilities and equipment into your existing publication system, or offer you a digital option that will serve you for all future expansion plans. In addition, TechPubs consultants will help your staff prepare for the regulatory hurdles required for your specific certification needs.

Our technical publication system is traditional, developed over many decades. We want to digitize manuals and forms for use by employees in remote locations, such as cockpits, ramps and gate areas. How can we get started?

TechPubs can help. Our implementation consultants will work with you to define a document management system appropriate for your needs, scope, and personnel, and ensure a smooth transition to the new solution with expert document conversion services.

We already have a document management system in place. Can your airline applications and services work in our environment?

In short, yes. Our application modules are designed to plug and play with most leading content management systems. But we’ve found that other content management systems aren’t as flexible and/or full-featured as today’s complex aviation technical publication needs dictate. Our consultants can describe the tradeoffs you’ll encounter in sticking with your existing solution.

Getting started: creating a technical publication strategy

We’re founding a new airline. We need a complete set of manuals to match our planned capabilities, as well as consulting assistance to prepare our management staff to accomplish required trials.

a. TechPubs can help you build a set of compliant manuals that meet the philosophy and mission of your airline. Our consulting staff will train your managers to use the digital manuals, offering many options on the amount of automation and types of digital and other media presentation of the pubs. Our consulting staff is fully knowledgeable of all types of initial certification, and TechPubs has applied to the FAA for approval as a “Certification Consultant.”